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Well Holy Smokas This Ain’t No Jokas! Today I will be doing a video that I usually do not do! I will be reacting to Everything Money channels Video on Tattooed Chef (TTCF). They did a stock analysis video and I will be reacting to this video! I will let you know what they did right and what they did wrong. And spoiler alert, they did not do a good job! Expected better form Everything Money!

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Hope you enjoyed this video! Smash the thumbs up button! Also let me know what you think on Everything Money Stock Analysis Video on Tattooed Chef (TTCF). Do you agree with them or did you cringe the way I did? Also let me know what stocks you are buying right now.

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37 thoughts on “TTCF STOCK = $5.11 ACCORDING TO EVERYTHING MONEY. MY REACTION financial education”

  1. Jeremy, they have some good points. Fundamentals are very relevant but numbers dont lie. I agree with them on Tattoo Chef and their analysis on TSLA, however as long as the market continues on in the same vein with the Fed printing, no rate rises etc I expect theses stocks will be fine. However if inflation becomes an issue or a black swan event turns the market on its head (which it will at some point) shares like TTCF, TSLA, PLTR will get hammered a lot more than the safe haven stocks. Not sure you have been through a 1987, 2000, 2008 but it is brutal when it does.

  2. The thing is that the Everything Money guys have a checklist that they go through on a stock before they start to do research and DD on it. Why? Because anyone can do DD on any stock and then talk themselves into buying even if the numbers don’t look great. You can also waste time looking at all kinds of companies that could be duds. You need to have some kind of a filter system. I get that Jeremy probably doesn’t know that’s their thought process because he’s not too familiar with EM, but to not extend some good faith just makes Jeremy look like he’s a little too emotionally invested in TTCF. Very clear with the constant scoffs and eye rolling. Not a great look.

  3. Great video! Your reactions were priceless.

    I don’t watch them specifically because I have felt the same way on multiple videos.

    I mean why is he talking about a stock that he hasn’t done due diligence on.

    I’ve been following your channel and TTCF now for months. It was months of watching videos before I started looking in deep myself and now I’m just finally starting to get enough conviction after following up on the company, looking into store inventory’s locally, and looking into the latest earnings.

    Why comment till you do any of that?

  4. I think both youtube channels have a different interpretation of the word cooking, Everythingmoney looks at the general numbers and not at the way they make their money. While financial education focuses very much on the company and looks at how they actually get their money. In addition, I would like to mention that more than half of the S&P500 companies are repurchasing shares, including Apple, Microsoft & AT&T and really only companies that are new to the stock market issue shares.

  5. I’m a big fan of EM. I did really like your video but I think you’re missing what their trading strategy is. They talk about how their are 10,000+ stocks in the NYSE and you don’t possibly have enough time to do your due diligence on every single one of them. So they use these numbers and previous data to give them a quick indication on whether or not a company is even worth taking a longer look at. Then they do their due diligence before truly investing in them. They also rarely invest in new companies because they can be so volatile and the future is more difficult to predict without years of data and a solid footing in the market. It’s just a different strategy and I can respect them both.

  6. The purpose of these short analysis videos is to screen companies based on profitablity and price. They don't do more research unless those metrics meet their criteria, because reading 10-Ks and doing 5-10 year projections on every single company you see is inefficient. A value investor says a stock with a P/E of 250 is not a buy – shocker.

  7. Well, of course, if you are convinced your kid is going to be Lebron James in the future there's no need to react to someonelse who argues with that. I went through TTCF but I simply don't think they can have a particular success in this highly competitive market segment, expecially abroad.

  8. They just put the cam up and decided to do a video about TTCF. They are not value investors or growth investors, they are ads investors.

    I think you should ignore them.

  9. I have watched a bit of Everything Money. At first I did get the impression that they're too focused on the numbers and don't do further research. However, I've come to learn that that's exactly the value and point of their channel.

    From my understanding of their perspective, there are a lot of companies out there and there's very little time to do an in-depth research about all of them. Using a simple checklist that may indicate that a stock is undervalued, they help quickly look at the general overview of the company and their financials so you can decide for yourself if it's worth looking into further as an investment.

    That's essentially the approach of the channel which in this case TTCF just did not happen to fit.

  10. They have a major identity crisis. They’re individual stock pickers when they clearly want safe s&p index growth. They have a silly cartoon for their screenshot the begin to call people idiots and stupid. Napoleon is so full of himself, load, and obnoxious. They say they avoid all hype but have a day traders input who depends on stock hype. I think they’re just haters trying to sell their calculator.

  11. Im trying to learn the ropes of evaluation and have come a long way in a short time. I’ve disagreed with some of your picks and positions due to my own evaluation. One was Walgreens. I was wrong.
    Not sure if I found BYND through you or somewhere else, but I did my own research, using your videos to help. So far I’m down. Still confident in that one, will hold.
    TTCF I have been building. Yea when it’s down that’s great, I’m building still. I could list more numbers, situations projections ect. (With reasoning) off the top of my head. (And I only have like 9 followers).
    Hopefully they break down their reasoning against TTCF with actual information.
    Kinda feels like you’re trying to argue against flat earthers here though

  12. 19 mins in and these guys are terrible, sorry they're making vast generalizations and broad statements! sorry Jeremy can't watch this shit anymore! TTCF is a speculative play in my opinion. A factory who made food for other brands is trying to make their own brand now . Its all down to how good their marketing is and sales at stores. Signs are good so far and they are in a industry that is growing in the veggie eating cult. I would wager 5% of my portfolio on TTCF, I really am interested in seeing how their marketing campaign goes before I would go in heavier. If you are a long term investor you have time to see how things pan out before going in heavy.

  13. Think there's value in both points of view. TTCF clearly has explosive growth ahead but some of it already priced in. Not a bad stock to own long term imo, but richly valued rn given earnings/profit

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